Navitas AC conversion kit (4kw motor w/ 440 amp controller) EZGO 48 volt



The Navitas TAC2 440A 48V-72V DC to AC Conversion Kit includes is a fully-programmable 440A AC controller with a 4 KW Navitas AC motor and an On-The-Fly Programmer. This kit also includes an OEM direct Connector, mounting plate and a auxiliary harnessing for a hassle free installation. The kit is compatible with Curtis 1206HB ITS OEM controller.

Kit Features:

  • 440A state of the art Mosfet technology
  • Bluetooth programmable w/mobile app
  • Fully sealed IP5X
  • Motor thermal protection
  • OEM multi-platform mounting options
  • One button cart lock-out
  • On-The-Fly (OTF) programming
  • Regenerative braking
  • Rollback protection
  • Speed-limiting ability
  • Thermal protection
  • Variable acceleration rate
  • Variable maximum speed control
  • Variable regen control